The Absence of Procrastination: Writing Begins


In building the habit of writing regularly - I’d like to figure out what works - and that this may hopefully help figure out what works best for You, so that we can all get through our own procrastination and excuse-making…

So that we can keep on doing:

a) what we say we’re going to do

b) what matters most to us

Because that’s what it’s all about - not trying to do what everyone else does just because they do it - but to work out our routines, our best habits, practices and constant works in progress.

For me - I like the idea of writing first thing in the morning - like I am right now (well - the first draft at least!) - it’s now just after 06:00 and I’ve been up for just over an hour.

(Note: I’m now editing this at 21:55 - so maybe a combination of the two works well?)

Sitting down and writing at this time of day - on the one hand - sounds like a great idea.

On the other hand - I find myself questioning whether my brain, or my hands, are awake enough for the pursuit of wordsmithery…

I think that there is the benefit of ‘being close to your subconscious’ first thing in the morning… Like a glass of water that is still, clear and unpolluted.

But the evenings are just so gorgeous… for writing, for creating, for thinking, for being inspired, for making plans and putting things into action on your own terms - that I can’t always bring myself to go to bed on time just to be able to get up early.


The best time of day for writing?

It’s very much a work / experiment in progress.

You’ll be the first to know how it goes…

I’d love to know about what works best for you.

Let me know in the comments or by email.

All the best! :)