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Creating Communities & Building Tribes: Spaces, Places & People

By being part of a tribe - you find part of yourself. You see yourself in other people around you. You share the things you may feel too awkward to share with others who don’t ‘get’ it - even your family or friends . You’re able to make a difference in other people’s lives and creations just by being there, by being engaged, by being you.

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Connecting With Creatives: Starting a Group for Creators

Tribes are incredibly important. The thing is - the more specific they are, the more I find they exist almost solely online. That’s why I didn’t just want, but felt I needed to set this group up. Connecting ‘IRL’ is something that’s especially important if your creative work revolves around or exists within digital platforms.

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Why Start a Creative YouTube Channel in 2019?

There's all different times when I've used YouTube to find such meaningful, impactful, educational, inspirational, motivational kinds of things. There's certain words and ideas, on my wall and in my mind - that have really seen me through - and that’s what i want to share with You.

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