Connecting With Creatives: Starting a Group for Creators

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Last week - I had a look on Meetup for YouTube creator groups in Liverpool (UK).

I found there was nothing going on in a fifty mile radius - and saw that there were over fifty people interested in a group like this…

So I decided to set one up.

As Meetups generally seem to have a more relaxed, informal nature than some events I’ve attended - I felt it was a good fit for YouTube as a creative platform.

So - I went ahead, created the group, explained a little about what it is I have in mind, and shared it with the world (or at least - the people within 50 miles of where I’m writing this!)

It’s been brilliant to have 20+ creators join the group so quickly. Reading their comments, seeing their channels, listening to their podcasts and hearing about their ideas and intentions has been amazing - and we haven’t even met yet!

I think it’ll be incredibly helpful for all involved (myself included) to be able to have this kind of support - sharing our experiences, challenges, motivation, process, progress, tips and tricks.

I know that my creative process in general is very isolating (read: I practically live in my studio and consider myself an introvert - verging on hermit)

so when you add on top of that the fact that I have Never met Anyone who actually does YouTube - it makes it very isolating indeed…

If a person doesn’t Do The Thing that You do, there’s an aspect of whether it’s possible for them to really, truly ‘get it’ when you share parts of your process - warts and all.

Tribes are incredibly important. The thing is - the more specific they are, the more I find they exist almost solely online.

That’s why I didn’t just want, but felt I needed to set this group up.

Connecting ‘IRL’ is something that’s especially important if your creative work revolves around or exists entirely within digital platforms.

Even if someone is making a channel about something completely different to yours - you still share the process, the struggles, the ‘blocks’, the specific vulnerability that applies to this platform - this new medium.

I’m looking at setting up a simple weekly social for creatives to share their progress, challenges and hopefully keep each other motivated and inspired to create for the week ahead!

I’ve also been thinking about possibly having future workshops on a monthly basis. This would ideally involve guest speakers, sequential information, practical pointers, steps, tech help and strategic insights.

The aim being to provide value for people who are at different levels of experience and at various stages of proficiency.

For more experienced creators - it would be great to focus on growth, maintaining creativity, monetisation and advanced video production and editing techniques.

I’d love to bring in local professionals - video editors, graphic designers, SEO experts, marketing, speakers and creative / business strategists to offer as much value as possible to people attending.

Having these events once a month would allow enough time to prepare - making it more sustainable and consistent in the long run.

I’ve outlined possible ideas for future events - what we could do and how we could do it - and will be sharing our first meetup at the start of next week!

Another aspect I find exciting about building this community is the potential for autonomous co-working, knowledge-sharing and collaborative content creation.

Someone (possible Neil Strauss with Chase Jarvis on Creative Live) said that when two people have an engaged conversation (talking about creatives in particular here) they create a ‘third mind’ - one that both individuals would have found impossible to conceive on their own.

That in itself - the completely unknowable potential when creatives collaborate - is awesome. And that’s something I hope to create here.

It also makes me think of Alan Watts in a video ‘What Would You Do If Money Were No Object?’ - where he says that no matter how obscure that thing you love is - you’ll find that there are other people out there in the world who love it as much as you do. Find them.

Connect with your Tribe.

Find and make spaces for you to come together and share what it is that connects you all.

You can check out the group here.

If you have a local Meetup that you attend - I’d love to know how you’re finding it! If you don’t have one you want to go to - what kind of group would you love to exist?

Then - go make it - and let me know how it goes!