Count What Really Counts: Intention & Influence


When starting something new, one of the most important things is to know what to say yes to, and what to say no to.

Understanding whether something is truly of benefit to our process and progress, and acting upon that - rather than habitual or ingrained actions.

For instance, with these different social platforms, algorithms and analytics, it doesn’t bode well for creators to focus on numbers - rather than what they are actually creating.

It’s ‘counting what doesn’t count’, as said by Seth Godin - looking to a form of external validation for something that is in its infancy, brand new, full of boundless potential and fragile.

It is easily swayed, susceptible to being sculpted, shaped and influenced. The creator has to be careful of what they allow to seep in.

As a creator, you need to remain true to what you intended.

Evolution and development are part of this, but not to the point that it ceases to be what you set out to do - what you wanted to put into the world.

Remain true to that, while being open and flexible, rather than resistant and blinkered.

A hard balance to achieve - but definitely one to strive for…