Creating Communities & Building Tribes: Spaces, Places & People


Creating communities and building tribes can be invaluable - for creatives, for businesses, for both and everything in between.

Being able to share parts of your process, inspiration and insights is something that can create meaningful connections, mutual trust, safe vulnerability and creative highs.

It can show us where we really want to go, how we can get there, and how to stay on track. It can build us from the inside, in our confidence, knowledge and skills - surrounded by like-minded people.

By being part of a tribe - you find part of yourself.

You see yourself in other people around you.

You share the things you may feel too awkward to share with others who don’t ‘get’ it - even your family or friends .

You’re able to make a difference in other people’s lives and creations just by being there, by being engaged, by being you.

With the sheer amount of social media and endless information at our fingertips - it can be easy to think you don’t need a tribe. You can go it alone. You become an island (or a hermit) - at least, for a while.

And then, more and more, you realise how isolating creation really is. I think is inherent with being a creative. It comes with the territory, to some extent.

Making art, building a business, writing that book or designing your dream is often solo work - because it requires you to focus for long periods of time, ideally, without interrupting your flow.

You have to see it through, not stop when the going gets tough. When you are your own worst enemy. Turning down social events because you are choosing to work on something less ephemeral - that will still be there in years to come.

Because of this long game that requires so much of our focus, dedication, energy and persistence, I think that finding your tribe is essential. It’s an important part of your creative process.

It brings out the best in you, in your work, in your potential. It gives you strength, it gives you ideas, it sometimes gives you a kick up the a** when you need it.

But above all, it gives you belief.

Belief in yourself.

In your work, your capacity, potential and progress.

In other people.

You begin to see this thing, this one thing that you all connect on, from many different perspectives.

You get to share your own unique take with people who are where you were when you started, to share your own mistakes and lessons in ways that connect you.

I think that connecting in real life is the heart and soul of it. But sometimes that just isn’t possible for a number of reasons.

In that case - finding people online - in YouTube, in blogs, on social - who uplift you, keep you going, motivate, inspire and move you - can be incredibly powerful.

If you are a creative, a business, an individual with a passion that you want to share with other people who are as passionate about it as you are - why not:

  • Find or build your tribe in physical places

  • Find or build your tribe in digital spaces

I’d love to know how it goes!

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