Working with Audio & Finding Our Voice


Last week - I decided to go ahead and do the thing I have been wanting to do for some time.

I bought a microphone.

This means I can now record high quality sound for both videos and podcasts - and I couldn’t be happier about it.

The thing about recording audio is - as Seth Godin puts it - nobody gets talker’s block - you don’t wake up one morning mumbling and speechless. That in itself makes it a great medium with which to communicate - even when written words may be harder to find.

The other thing is that - because of the quality of the mic, the sound is amazing… So rich, so smooth - a bit like good coffee - and nearly as delicious.

As a first test - I made an audio recording of one of my favourite poems.

It literally brought me to tears to hear it…

The phrase ‘finding your own voice’ came to mind - and it felt like I had found one of the most important forms of expression I know.

I never thought that would be the case, so it came as a bit of shock to realise how much I connect with this medium. I’ve recorded my own voice before - many times, but the sheer level of quality simply wasn’t there.

It was always tinny, phone recordings that didn’t express depth or richness in tone.

So - with this beautiful new mic (a Blue Yeti) my intention is that I’ll be recording some solo podcasts, as well as holding interviews with people who I think would be relevant to what I am doing with this site, this space, these ideas.

I want to share words and insights that are not composed or corrected, but that resonate and are real.

Watch this space…