Making Art & What Makes an 'Artist'

making art

All my life I’ve been involved in art one way or another.


I’ve studied it, made it, mediated it and written about it. I’ve wrestled with concepts and worked with an amazing variety of artists.

Some of these artists have been working in the public realm, interventions, bio-art, film, media, 3D printing, painting, sculpture, outdoor land art and conceptual art, to name a few.


In all this, there has come a point that I formed my belief that art does not reside in the making or sculpting of an object.

It is in the communication - from one person to another.

A passing on - of feeling, of senses, of emotion, of a new idea.

Of something… more.


It is something that I believe can exist within all fields - business, medicine, architecture, customer services, technology.

The artist’s approach is the important bit.

That’s the part that counts.

I am aiming to bring that artistic approach to the creation, sourcing and sharing of these ideas, philosophies, principles and concepts in this space.

To make it matter.