'Resistance With A Capital R': Discovering Pressfield


Over the past few days, I’ve been learning about the work of Steven Pressfield - author of ‘The War of Art’ , ‘Do The Work’ and ‘Turning Pro’ - among several other books.

I find it interesting how he speaks about ‘Resistance with a capital ‘R’.

That invisible force that holds us back from being and doing what we are really capable of - from going after what we really truly want.

The fear, doubt, insecurity, ‘lack of time’, worrying, procrastinating, the bullsh*t we tell ourselves.

Another thing Pressfield talks about is turning pro: when we move from being an amateur (a lover of doing the thing) to a pro (who will continue to consistently do the thing whether they ‘feel like it’ or not.)

‘Inspiration’ is not some magical breath of the Divine (as it literally translates)…

It’s something you have to go after, and by showing up (as I’ve said before) you make it a hell of a lot more likely that ‘inspiration’ will also show up.

The most difficult thing is to just start.

To just do something.

This idea of returning to our work, our creative space - every day - is something that I love, uphold and encourage other creatives to do.

It’s something that I was taught on my first year in art college - and something which I fully believe in.

Ok, so we’re all allowed a day off occasionally, but just to return to what you were doing, where you were going, and how you were going about getting there - every single day - it helps keep it fresh and at the forefront of your mind.

It keeps you connected, consistent and on the ball.

Even if it’s just getting into your studio and moving your materials around, going through what you worked on last, reviewing your progress and reminding yourself of your intentions.

Even if starts by just telling yourself “five minutes” - that can sometimes kick off hours of working in a state of flow.

The thing to remember about Resistance is that it never goes away.

Even the most professional of professionals can still feel anxious, overwhelmed, tired, burnt out - but it is in the returning that we can all find renewed strength to keep going.

Keep on returning to work on what matters most to you.

If you’d like to find out more about Steven Pressfield - you can check out his work here.