Un/Disturbed Spaces to "Work with Passion & Abandon"


Creating a space for creativity isn’t always easy.

Sometimes it’s nearly impossible.

Or so it may seem…

There is a quote that goes something like this:

Create undisturbed spaces to work with passion and abandon.

— Bell Hooks

I adore this sentiment - but I can also contest it - because sometimes it simply isn’t possible to have everything just perfect before we begin.

Before we find our flow.

Once upon a time… I was told a story by a yoga teacher.

They described two yogis seeking enlightenment through their spiritual and physical practise of yoga.

The first yogi sought the perfect spot - the tranquility, the moments of uninterrupted bliss with which to reach the highest points of consciousness.

Unfortunately for this yogi, everywhere they went - they found something that just… interrupted them.

The beach was full of sand, the sound of the sea became distracting, the breeze became too strong, the insects kept landing on their skin and buzzing around them.

They just couldn’t focus.

Feeling frustrated, they rolled up their mat and decided to call it a day.

They would find their ideal place tomorrow.

The second yogi had a similar intention - they wanted to find a place of stillness, of peace - and they knew they needed to be in the right place to do so.

So, they left their home, and began to walk. Soon enough, they found what they were looking for.

In the middle of the busiest part of their town, amidst the chaos, the noise, the smells of food and the feeling of hustle and bustle in the air - they rolled out their mat, took a deep breath…

and began their practise.

Because they knew that the place they were looking for, that place of serenity, of calm, of peace and tranquillity - is inside us, if we choose to put ourselves there.

It sometimes really doesn’t feel like it - but we can summon ourselves to be in this place whenever we choose.

And what’s the other option?

To feel frustrated? To never feel ready? To always look to the external sources of irritation and distraction?

Or, no matter what, to create (un)disturbed spaces to work with passion and abandon.

And despite - no, especially when the external circumstances are saying ‘no’ - that is when we need to step into this space the most.


The world you desire can be won.

It exists.. it is real.. it is possible..

It's yours.” 

‘Atlas Shrugged’ — Ayn Rand: