Why Journal & How To Do Morning Pages

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Get things out of your mind, on to the page, close the book, put it away, done.

What benefits does it really have? How can you find more clarity, calm and focus simply through writing down your thoughts? And what are ‘Morning Pages’?

This is Part 1 of 5 in the Journal Series - sharing my five favourite ways to journal - so that no matter what it is you’re looking for - there’ll be one for you.

Why journal?

I’ve been journaling for over fifteen years now, so I wanted to show you how I capture the ever-elusive Monkey Mind on a page. It helps you get on with creating your best creative work - whether that’s in the arts, in work, in life or, frankly, in any other aspect of your life.

Let’s start with number one…

Morning Pages

Morning Pages is a style of journaling by Julia Cameron - author of ‘The Artist’s Way’. It involves writing three full pages of A4, as soon as possible after waking up - helping with clarity, calm and focus..

You write in a ‘stream of consciousness’ - whatever is on your mind, without worrying about capitalisation, spelling, punctuation, grammar, how good it is or whether it makes sense or not…

It’s about pouring your mind on to the page… Free from judgement, expectations, preconceptions or criticism.

When you can do that - to be completely uncensored in your writing (even to yourself!) when you allow that space on the page to say whatever is on your mind - you’re safe in the knowledge that you can close the book and put it away if you don’t like what you’ve written!

One of the main guidelines for this type of journaling is that you write first thing in the morning.

I’d say - within the first fifteen minutes of waking up is ideal and no more than an hour later. It’s the only point in the day when you are as close as possible to your subconscious mind… The part that holds on to things that worry us or subtly stress us, niggling away… day after day.

Another guideline is to do with how much you write - three full A4 pages - no more, no less. This is because if you write less than that - you’ll likely miss those ‘ahh-haa’ moments, those realisations, epiphanies and ideas that may have otherwise come to you.

You have to give them space to come to the surface…

The other side of that - not writing too much - is that it can become somewhat narcissistic or a form of procrastination - where instead of going off and Doing The Thing - you’re there - waffling on for five pages about whatever it is that you need to get up and Do…

Finally - another guideline is that you don’t re-read your Morning Pages. It’s a place to whinge and whine if you need to! To let yourself wade through your thought so that you can capture the Monkey Mind on a page - and leave it there… It’s not for anyone’s eyes but yours, and that’s only in the act of writing them!

By having this place for sharing anything and everything, for seeing what it is that comes to light when we let it, what our thoughts really are when we stop to really listen…

Just that alone can help move through creative blocks, slumps, periods of anxiety and/or depression and help you make progress towards your goals by having a mind that is free from clutter and cobwebs…

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